Don Duffy 2017 Legacy


Donald Duffy a renowned and respected drummer in Niagara Falls New York, started playing drums in the 11th grade and performed every Friday night at the YWCA dances. During the day, he worked as a salesman for Metropolitan Insurance and at night performed as a musician. Living in the Town of Niagara with his wife Julie, he would often crank up the stereo and treat family members to private jam sessions on his drums. Don showcased his talent in playing many jam sessions at the CIO Club along with other talented musicians; Roy Finitz, Ed Leone, Bob Meagrosi, Nick Pennie and Sam Morreale. They played many local venues and private clubs to include The Golden Gardens in the Henry Hubbs Hotel, John’s Flaming Hearth, The Ontario House, The Parkway Circle, and Niagara University, just to name a few. They were also popular at many local weddings. Don’s true passion was to play Irish and Italian music, yet he loved the sound of his brushes swishing away on his cymbals and his Calato drum sticks banging away in his true jazz style.

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Ron Altbach

Ron Altbach

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